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Water Quality Testing with Brevard Middle School's 8th Grade
Water Quality Testing with Brevard Middle School's 8th Grade
Posted on 05/14/2010
Water Quality Testing  
Shelby Everson and Justin Merrill are using a Dissolved Oxygen
probe from BHS to collect information on the level of dissolved oxygen in BMS creek

Water Quality Testing

For the final activity in a unit on Earth's freshwater resources, students in Mrs. Elliott's 8th grade science classes at Brevard Middle School tested the water quality of the BMS creek.  They wanted to test the water and gather data on temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, and turbidity.  

Using the middle school's Vernier Labquest computers and temperature probes, they tested water temp in different areas of the creek. To take their lesson to the next level and generate solid water quality data, they borrowed turbidity, pH, and dissolved oxygen probes from Brevard High School.  After observing the data collected with probes, students concluded that the BMS creek's water quality rates  fair to good.

The following week, to support their research, students tested the creek for macro-invertebrates (small aquatic organisms whose presence or absence in water can also help determine the quality of water being sampled).  Students discovered samples of mayflies, caddisflies, stoneflies and other invertebrates.  In support of their conclusion and data collected the prior week, discovering these invertebrates indicated good water quality. 

Mrs. Elliott and her 8th grade students would like to thank Brevard High School for loaning their water quality probes, and Mr. Green for volunteering his time to help with their activity. 

Katelyn Harris is taking the temperature of
BMS creek with a Vernier Labquest temperature probe.