The AMTR web site is found at:

Please remember:  you must have an NCID to access the AMTR.  

The AMTR has been opened.  In order to subscribe to the AMTR, you must go to Enter your NCID and password. Allow up to 24 hours before you receive a confirmation email allowing you access to the AMTR. 

Since the AMTR is now a "living" document, the data from last year is still in the system and some cases, that will be correct for your school.  I would ask please that you review the information for your school carefully...I'm sure you will need to address book collection in your media....teachers and classrooms....

On June 30th of each year, data will be pulled down for the School Report Card. Please make sure by June 30th your data is accurate and ready for the School Report Card. Another download of data will be conducted January 31st of each year, this data is used to submit information to the federal government.  To view past reports and raw data from the AMTR
click here.


AMTR will be completed differently this year.  Each Media Coordinator will need to login to NCID and create an account for AMTR (steps below).  You will need to claim the new account within 14 days of it being created or the account will be automatically deleted. 
In addition, every principal will need to sign off / verify his or her school's information. They will, therfore, also need an NCID and will need to subscribe to the AMTR.
1. Click on
2. Login with your first name_last name
3. Contact: Chris Whitlock if you have trouble with your ID.
4. Change the password
5. Set up challenge questions and responses
6. Log back into NCID again as the system will log out the user upon setting up the challenge questions and responses.