Welcome to TCS Technology 2011-2012

Technology & Media for you…2011/12

TCS Technology Department welcomes you to our county.  We are delighted that you are joining the ranks of other wonderful people in this system.  We would like to share with you some specific information which will be of benefit to you during the year.

Your ids, passwords:    Your email address, a Novell login id with accompanying password will be available through your principal and/or media specialist.  Be sure you answer the challenge questions if asked.  Please check with your school data managers for information concerning your NCWise ids and passwords.  This particular id should serve as your access to the majority of our software programs.

Your Technology Support Staff:  We have persons who will be at your schools to help you with both instructional and technical needs. We encourage you to use them.  Let them help you with using technology in your classroom instruction.

Instructional Technology Coordinator:  Carrie Kirby will be in all schools working with you in technology, helping you with your web pages and with special projects.  She also coordinates our technology staff development from the very basics to the training of our online course instruction.

Instructional Technology Personnel:  These folks are here to help you use technology within your instructional day-special projects, new software ....use them.  They are at your schools one day per week. 
Cathy Zandecki – schools (TBA)      Chris Williams - BHS (1 day/wk)      Rae Parker RMS/RHS    

Technical Support Personnel:  Technical support is organized differently as we try to serve all schools.

Sarah Kevitt, Chris Whitlock, and Chris Lambert provide our technology support, servicing your requests as quickly as possible. Each has specific areas of expertise—but all are most capable of helping you.

NCWise:  Tom Sweet is our NCWISE and Testing Coordinator.  He will be working with all of us as we continue to use the NCWise software for our student information system.  Tom will be wearing two hats, serving as our LEA NCWise Coordinator and working as our Testing Coordinator.

 Email address:  The best way for general contact (Please see below for Tech support requests)of these people is through email.  Their addresses are:

Carrie:      ckirby@tcsnc.org      Sarah:  skevitt@tcsnc.org    Chris:cwilliam@tcsnc.org      
Chris L:    
Cathy Z: cathyz@tcsnc.org     Rae:   rparker@tcsnc.org 
Chris W    cwhitlock@tcsnc.org  Tom:  tsweet@tcsnc.org   

Support Requests:  We have an online Technology Support request.  To request technology support, go to our home page, choose Departments, then Technology/Media.  You will find a link for Technical Support Requests there.  Your requests will be responded to as quickly as possible.  Many problems can be fixed remotely. 

 Monitoring students:  Just a reminder:  It is your responsibility as a classroom teacher to closely supervise all activities of your students.  This is especially important when your students are using computers.  Ways to do this:  frequent circulation, directing their activities, Q & A on usage, actual checking of minimized screens.  Please also be aware that all work can be monitored at any time.  Be smart, be professional, be wise.

 Your Professionalism/Social Networking and others:  Becoming an educator of our children places you in a very important position in their lives.  Please remember—you are working with the most important person in most family’s lives.  As you transition from student to teacher, be very aware of the need for a professional relationship with your students.  I would strongly encourage each of you to review any social networking sites that you maintain.  You may very well wish to remove “old” pictures from your site.  I would also beg each of you to make your sites “private” and choose not to allow students access to your sites as “friends.”

 Instructional Software:  You will find many types of instructional software for your use within the schools.  Software is purchased on a system-wide plan enabling us to provide specific software as needed.  Two great options we have available are Moodle for course delivery and Campus Pack for county/district-wide networking and sharing.

 Importance of the network:  Because you are a staff member, you have a place on the system network called your “Home Directory.”  This is accessible only by you or one of my staff upon my direction.  This is the place to save all your work.  Most often, our first response for broken machines is to re-image (this removes all data from the machine).  Use the network—make it work for you.

When you choose "save as" for a document, navigate to H:\--your name should be there by the h..save there.

 Reminders:  The equipment and email you use are both properties of Transylvania County Schools.  Things said or done there become the system property also…..be smart. 

 Professional Staff Development:  The instructional tech staff will be assisting in providing tech staff development at your school aligned with your school’s “School Improvement Plan”. As part of our Board of Education’s endorsement, and support for technology in our system, two technology CEU’s are required as part of your 5 year certificate renewal cycle.  You will find that we will provide staff development in many of the options that are available in our system. We are providing more and more professional development via the “Moodle” server—online courses for anywhere, anytime learning.

 Web Site:  Our system website is hosted and therefore available to you at home when you need it.  Within your school’s area of the site is a place specifically for you.  We encourage you to create a web a page for you and your classes and keep it current.  We provide staff development for you in using the web site design.  There are places for you to provide discussion forums, blogs, and wikis for your classes.

 Quick Links:  Please be sure to review the quick links on our web site.  Many useful software options are available there.

TCS Media Services

Each elementary, middle, and high school has an excellent media center.  I believe you will find outstanding Media Specialists available and willing to help you in planning lessons for your students, helping you with reference materials, and assisting you with integrating technology into your lessons.  Their support for you will be phenomenal.  Please use them; each is an outstanding resource for you.



Brevard Elementary

Charlene Cali

Brevard High

Hale Durant, Media Specialist
Mary Gunn, Media Assistant

Brevard Middle

Amy Galloway, Media Specialist

Pisgah ForestElementary

Dawn Brookshire, Media Specialist

Rosman Elementary

Peggy Bayne, Media Specialist

Rosman High/Rosman Middle

Sarah Justice, Media Specialist

TC Henderson

Scott Phelps, Media Specialist


Again, let me welcome you to our county.   We look forward to working with you in the coming years.  I trust that your experiences in this school system will be as rewarding for you as they have been for me for many, many years.

Donys-Kaye Merrill

Director of Technology/Media Services

Transylvania County Schools