Student Password Changes

This announcement is for all middle and high school students.


Effective the morning of Tuesday, December 6th....your password for the network has changed.  Your current password is not long enough to meet the security criteria for some new programs.  Changes occurred Monday evening, December 5th, at 6:30pm for effectiveness of change on Tuesday morning.


Please see this example:

Example #1:

My Userid does NOT change:

My name is Donys Merrill;  I am scheduled to graduate in 2013.

Therefore, in Transylvania County----my userid for login is:   13dmerri


My Password does change:

My (Donys Merrill) password for the above id has been my ncwise student number  (12345)

My new password will be:  12345dm


The 3rd and 4th characters out of your userid will be added to the end of your NCWise student password to create a longer one.


Example #2:   userid:   12ssmit

Old Password:   345678

New Password:  345678ss


Example #3:   userid:  13dmcco

Old Password:   2345678

New Password:  2345678dm