Erate Info

    Erate RFP Information-Transylvania County Schools

E-rate Provisions:

All awards are contingent upon receiving e-Rate funding to supplement local funding for support of the project.  the project will not begin until TCS is in receipt of a Funding Commitment Decision Letter from the SLD whic gives notification that funding has been granted.

Vendor shall have, at a minimum, a working knowledge of the federal Universal Service Support Mechanism for SLC. Vendor shall agree to participate in the E-rate program and to cooperate fully and in all respects with USAC and any agency or organization administering the E-rate Program to ensure that TCS receives all of the E-rate funding for which it has applied and to which it is entitled in connection with Vendor's services and/or products.

Vendor shall include with its proposal "Item 21 attachments" itemizing eligible and inelibigle services ina format compatible with SLD requirements.

Vendor agrees to retain all relevant E-rate documentation and, upon request,  provide it to TCS for a period of 5 years after the last date to receive services.

Should E-rate funding be denied or rescinded due to action or inaction of the Vendor, vendor shall continue service at the authorized E0rate discount rate.

In the event, the vendor is subject to "Red Light" designation by the FCC, vendor agrees to continue providing service at authorized e-rate discount level.

 Earliest Allowable Contract Dates:  (01/11/2014)

1415 Long and Long Distance-ITS:          470 -  530530001181257   (1/11/2014)
Provision of both long distance and local telephone servce for this district the 2014-15 school year.  We have 11 sites and 94 lines that are a part of this ongoing effort.  This is a month-to-month tariff charge.  required use of state ITProcurement site

1415-Cell Service:                    470 - 233440001181266   (1/11/2014)
Provision of both telecommunications and data service for 60 cell phones for 2014-15 school year for the Transylvania County School system. Cell service is to include data, telecommunications, messaging.  This is a month-to-month bill service for the schools.

:                     470 - 233440001181266   (1/11/2014)
Plain old telephone service for all schools to include some long distance, local service, and accompanying services, voice mail for  2014-15 school year.    Current system is a nortel networks system.  There is no need for a replacement system--simply for the month-to-month tariff cost for POTS.  Service is for central office and all other locations, including all schools.  Currently we have a need for 88 lines.

14-15-Wireless Data Service Connectivity:
     470 - 233440001181266   (1/11/2014)

Wireless service for air cards for electronic devices-preferably netbooks/chromebooks for 2014-15 school year.  ;  Connectivity must be minimum of 3G service for verizon connectivity or an equivalent. Service cost is a month to month tariff service.

1415-Web Hosting Service-IA-Tchr Pages:       470 - 233440001181266   (1/11/2014)
Provide Internet Access  via a hosted Web Server so that our students/school system has a web presence and internet access.  Multi-year Contract sought. Web Presence for district and 9 schools.

14-15-Email services:                        470 - 233440001181266   (1/11/2014)

Provide email services for 2014-15 -- for 3700 students in Transylvania County; multi-year contract sought.

14-15 WebHost-Student Pages:     470-699740001183570 (1/17/2014)
Provide Internet Access delivery for Student Hosted Web pages for the the 2014-15 school year for 3700 students.